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We came into this world naked, vulnerable, and having to learn certain life lessons. Our first protectors and teachers were our parents. Many instructors followed after them, but only special guides left a mark on our lives, encouraging spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial growth in a positive direction. They are our earth angels, and these are their lessons.


Twenty Earth Angel Lessons shares a collection of valuable insights that can help us understand the world, ourselves, and our purpose. Author Aurora Green offers a series of engaging life lessons addressing important topics such as karma, meditation, health and exercise, and compassion for others. With these lessons, you can focus on what is important and cultivate a rich and satisfying life that is full of gratitude and joy.


While people may come and go, they can leave a lasting impression that can guide us on the path of self-discovery. And with the lessons of our earth angels, we can be a light to the world and have the power to give ourselves joy and be thankful as we are propelled to happiness.


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